Water Management and Auditing

Water Management in UAE

The climate in the UAE is subtropical-arid with high temperatures in summer, warm winters and infrequent rainfalls during the year. Due to these conditions, freshwater in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates, is obtained from two main sources: underground ers and desalination of sea water. In order to meet the increasing demand for potable water, it is imperative to have a better efficiency in water management, reducing waste and costs.

Many building owners are concerned about the rising water bills. In UAE, water is also equivalent to electricity as energy input is required during desalination process. While the government has bee actively looking for renewable energy sources to power the process, the most efficient way of mitigating problems related to both water and electricity consumption is to reduce our consumption.

Examples of what can be done to improve Water Management in buildings are:

  • Implementing water saving techniques in existing buildings
  • Install water-efficient fixtures, like showers and faucets
  • Recycle greywater for WCs or irrigation purposes
  • Recover condensate water from air conditioners
  • Design landscapes that reduce irrigation needs
  • Improve water quality through the cleaning of storage tanks