Building Management System

Firstly, Commercial and residential buildings consume approximately 60% of the energy produced globally. It is very important to measure and manage this energy consumption and hence make buildings more efficient and also sustainable. A Building Management System (BMS) is a tool to enhance automation inside your structure, hence saving energy and money. BMS systems comprises sensors that capture information, connecting all most all important building services to a centralized hub where data can be analysed and managed. Usually the connected services are HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and other ELV systems such as security systems, life safety systems and vertical transport systems.

Implementing a Building Energy Management System will allow us to:

  • effectively monitoring and metering the energy consumed
  • enabling energy management goals setting
  • detect problems earlier and effectively respond to occupant complaints

The benefits deriving from BEM systems are multiple:

  • improved performance
  • increased asset value
  • reduce energy bills
  • improve building lifetime
  • saving money during maintenance
  • satisfied tenants
  • potential to switch to individual tenant billing for services

We at Pactive believe that a well commissioned Building Management System can greatly enhance the customer’s experience by creating a comfortable environment. We rely on increased feedback and control to the end user and building operators so that they can customize the space to their requirements. Our expert team of controls engineers can provide project specific most appropriate solutions to increase better controllability and ease of operation and therefore better facility management using Kieback&Peter solutions.

We design, engineer, commission and also maintain building management systems, therefore providing support during the entire life cycle of the project. Most of all, our objectives are to ensure:

  • Better control over the building systems
  • Most optimum design
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Timely feedback and faster response
  • Higher safety and security for your occupants
  • Reduced operational costs