Building Energy Audit

A Building Energy Audit or Building Diagnosis, is a detailed building survey followed by analysis. The survey begins with site analysis, building walk through and includes equipment list and health checkup. Each aspect of the building, its orientation, envelope, occupancy and occupant behaviour, equipment sizing, operational efficiency and health, day lighting and artificial lighting, landscaping system efficiency and many more aspects are recorded and analysed.

The expected outcome is simple dashboards that can easily explain the key performance indicators or in simple words, leverage areas, that can bring about large results in small efforts will be highlighted.

The audit is usually followed by a list of solutions. We at Pactive, provide solutions that the client can implement easily and swiftly to maximise their gain. Payback periods are calculated for each proposed solutions giving the client the choice and flexibility to select the appropriate measure.

A pragmatic implementation plan follows. If the client wishes, Pactive supervises the work to ensure high standards are maintained throughout the process and the end result is as estimated.