A/C Efficiency

In the UAE, 70% of total energy consumption, depends solely on air conditioning systems. HVAC systems, which include chillers, air handling and fan coil unit are energy demanding but at the same time offer great opportunities to reduce the operational costs of a building. PActive has developed a strategy to tackle HVAC issues, that starts from a complete analysis of the building, and ends with an educational program to create awareness among the tenants of the structure. Indeed, there are solutions that can be implemented with no-costs that have immediate payback: a common example would be to increase by 1 degree the temperature of the thermostat. Or simply educate people to reduce the air condition while outside of their house.

The benefits of perfecting HVAC systems are enormous. Direct financial benefits are a reduction in energy consumption, and a better usage of the equipment. Indirect includes: maximization of ROI by avoiding costly breakdowns and replacements.

  • Increase Asset Value
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower tenancy costs
  • Improve equipment performance
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality