Hospitality Sector

UAE is investing extensively in quality tourism. This shift in focus from energy to hospitality has been favourable for the growth of the hospitality sector. Hotels, resorts, adventure parks and restaurants have come forward to provide high standards of service to their guests.

The major implications include increasing electricity and water bills. Per capital water consumption in hospitality sector is the second highest after industries. HVAC load, Hot Water Supply and constant cleaning and maintenance add to the operational costs.

Pactive can help hotels/resorts/restaurants:

  • Reduce energy and water bills
  • Provide better occupant comfort
    • Examine occupancy and occupant behavior to ensure operational efficiency
  • Variable Load HVAC system feasibility analysis
  • LEED certification consultancy for new and existing buildings

Many star hotels are now LEED certified. Restaurants with multiple chains can benefit from the volume programme by LEED.