We at Pactive provide complete solutions for building controls by Kieback&Peter enhancing the value of your building through better management and reduced breakdowns.


Pactive Sustainable Solutions is the official partner of  Kieback&Peter BMS solutions for UAE and the Gulf Region. 

We believe that a well commissioned Building Management System can greatly enhance the customer’s experience by creating a comfortable environment. We rely on increased feedback and control to the end user and building operators so that they can customize the space to their requirements. Our expert team of controls engineers can provide project specific most appropriate solutions to increase better controllability and ease of operation and therefore better facility management using Kieback&Peter solutions.

We design, engineer, commission and maintain building management systems, therefore providing support during the entire life cycle of the project. Most of all, our objectives are to ensure:

  • Better control over the building systems
  • Most optimum design
  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Timely feedback and faster response
  • Higher safety and security for your occupants
  • Reduced operational costs

Kieback and Peter Dubai

Kieback&Peter have more than 90 years of experience in Heating, Air-Conditioning and Building Management System. The products are manufactured in Germany and as a result meet the highest standards in the industry. Their fully scalable range of building management solutions communicate over global standard open protocols such as BACnet® LonWorks® Modbus™, hence enabling a wide range of integration options. Furthermore Intuitive graphics, informative dashboards and data logs provide useful insights into the building’s systems and usage.

Therefore, We recommend fully integrating all systems in the facility for more intelligent building operations. Kieback&Peter offer individual and centralized solutions such as:

  • Room Automation
  • Building Management System
  • Energy Management System
  • Tenant Billing Management
  • En:key, the intelligent room controller

They have developed industry forerunners such as :

  • Climotion (by Bosch)
  • Qanteon (web based BMS)
  • Neutrino-GLT


Building Management System

The wide range of building controls by Kieback&Peter can integrate new and existing building systems at all communication levels:

Field Peripherals

Firstly, Kieback&Peter product range includes field peripherals such as

  • Field Transducers
  • Energy Meters
  • Valves and Actuators
  • Room modules & Thermostats
  • Variable Frequency Drive

Field Controllers

In addition to field devices, the product range includes field controllers.

» Unitary Controllers
Read more about Climotion here. 
Application specific controllers which are pre-designed for specific applications such as Fan Coil Units (FCUs) and Variable Air Volume Units (VAV)

» Direct Digital Controllers
Most of all, the direct digital controllers are pre-engineered based on the requirements of the facility. These hold comprehensive input and output points, perform the major control and monitoring functions and may or may not be connected to a workstation.

Management Devices

Finally, Kieback&Peter’s latest offering, Qanteon is a browser based software with multiple access options. Qanteon combines the performance of a B-AWS certified building control and the functions of an ISO 50001 certified energy management. Alternatively, Kieback&Peter offers one of the most robust software platforms, Neutrino-GLT.

» BEMS Workstation
A BMS workstation provides a 3D graphic interface that is easy to operate. Furthermore the workstation is useful in data collection, monitoring and finally, control and analysis.
» Remote Access
Read more about Qanteon here. 
The BEMS software can be accessed on any web browser and hence provides remote access through smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.