Energy Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis is a result of a detailed audit based on exhaustive data collection, site visits and observations. Our expert technical team analyzes each variable of the building to determine the saving potential, financial feasibility and benefits to develop the best possible solution to reduce energy bills and implement a green building solution:

- Energy Auditing & Management
- Thermographic Analysis
- Indoor Environment Analysis
- Occupant Feedback Collection
- Measurement and Verification
- Building Automation System

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Building Design strategies helps developers / owners to reduce CAPEX and OPEX. Our expert architects will help incorporating green practices in your design:

- Green Design Concepts
- LEED Certification
- Renewable Energy
- Sustainable Materials
- Sustainable Sourcing
- Energy Efficient System Design

Project Management

Energy Efficiency is a continuous process. We recommend a continuous partnership with PActive in order to see long term benefits. Our team will help you to develop, operate and manage your building:

- Continuous Improvement
- Awareness Program
- Project Implementation Plan
- Technical Specifications
- Installation Supervision
- Continuous Customer Service and Support



“Pactive” is a combination of Passive and Active strategies in sustainable building design and operating technique, which help in optimising energy consumption and make buildings more greener by reducing carbon emissions.

Pactive Sustainable Solutions was formed in 2015 by a team of young and enthusiastic professionals who are passionate about delivering sustainable solutions to building owners. Our well qualified and experienced team aims at making new buildings and existing buildings more energy efficient by incorporating passive/active design and operation strategies and help building owners bring down the operating and existing buildings cost and make their buildings more energy efficient.

We undertake Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) as an accredited ESCO which includes energy audit and implementation of energy efficiency programme (EEP). We also specialise in Building Management Systems (BMS), Home Automation Systems, Energy Management System and Energy Efficient Lighting Controls .

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  • Naveen Gowd

    HVAC Efficiency Guru, CEO

  • Sudhir KV

    HVAC & Controls Yoda, GM

  • Pradeep Tuppad

    Energy Project Management Master, COO

  • Ravishankar N.

    Project Finance Specialist, CFO

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